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Enjoy the magic of Son Amar with us!

tent Hotels

Get your free tickets

tent Hotels has some great news!


In partnership with Son Amar, if you book a stay at tent Calvia Beach, tent Mojito Suites or tent Palmanova on our website, you get free tickets to enjoy a show full of excitement, acrobatics, music and dance.


A unique experience you must not miss!


Choose your favourite show and book now


How to get your tickets:

- Finish your booking.

- Your booking confirmation will have a link to the Son Amar website.

- Enter the booking reference number from your confirmation to get your tickets.



Offer valid until October 26. See the brochures for more information about the shows.

- The show can only be seen during your stay at the hotel.

- Tickets are subject to availability. For more information, see the event calendar on the Son Amar website.

- Seats at the side of the theatre with a frontal view (category III).

- Ohalá Show for bookings at tent Mojito Suites and tent Calvia Beach.

- Exhibit Show for bookings at tent Palmanova.

- Offer does not include transportation.