How to get there

  • From the airport

    You can go to the train station at Malaga airport located in front of Terminal T3. At the entrance and located on your right you can use the vending machines to buy your train ticket. You must go to the platform on your right to take the train to Torremolinos. If the option of using public transport does not appeal to you, you can rent a car at the airport, a convenient and economical option. You can check our prices and you won't have to pay until you arrive. If you don't feel like driving and you want a fast and on time transport you can choose the option of a taxi from Malaga to Torremolinos.

  • By taxi

    Tell the taxi driver that the hotel you are going to is Hotel Natali Affiliated by FERGUS and that its address is: Calle Hoyos, 28 in Torremolinos.

  • By Bus

    Departure from Malaga at Muelle Heredia station, buses operated by Avanza Grupo. The Torremolinos bus station is located 650 metres from the hotel.


  • Airport


  • Beach

    800 metres

  • Málaga


  • Centre

    700 metres

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